when a company wants to develop new strategies, team work or even reward achieving the goals, an incentive travel is always welcome!


across spain offers a comprehensive and critical analysis of your needs, presenting the best possibilities in Spain where your meeting can take place, followed by intense negotiation and a detailed follow-up of your program.


across spain links companies and professionals from different fields and countries, fostering cross cultural corporate values and encounters.



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our culture packages include a wide array of topics for a large and varied country: music, oenology, national parks, museum tours, pilgrimage and much more!


sport is part of contemporary lifestyle and is in itself the main reason for many customers to visit Spain.

Wellness & Healthcare

Spain counts with numerous and diverse therapeutical thermal waters due to its distinctive geology, geography and coasts.


personal attention to satisfy the most demanding needs

San Fermínes in Pamplona

May 25, 2017

Every year, the quiet streets of the small town of Pamplona in the north of Spain turn into a huge and loud festivity that lasts for an entire week. The patron saint Fermín gets his own unique celebrations that annually start on July 6th and end 8 days later on July 14th.

Ancient Street Art of Madrid

Thursday 10th May 2018

If you’ve ever been to Madrid you will probably have noticed the tile street signs and tiles on house walls that show pictures and tell entire stories. Although people might not notice them that much, they are part of Madrid’s ancient history and belong to one of the oldest cultural goods of the area. Pottery […]