Biking and trekking across Spain

12 April 2019
Cycling and hiking holidays are getting more famous in Spain since its weather, landscapes and cultural heritage makes it the perfect activity holiday destination. Visitors can find thousands km of marked cycling routes and numerous trekking paths throughout the whole country. From calm plains, sandy beaches up to steep mountains and rocky coves travellers can find every level of routes in Spain.

The Ignatian Way

27 March 2019
The Camino Ignaciano is one of the famous pilgrimage route in the north eastern part of Spain starting from Loyola. The way is connected with a thousand year old tradition. When San Ignacio decided to change his life after his ponderous injury in 1521, he became a pilgrim and created the Camino Ignaciano. Originally his plan was to go to Jerusalem from Loyola. However, he only reached Catalonia, the modern way is also going from the Sanctuary the Loyola to de Santa Maria the Montserrat Abbey.

Islamic Heritage Sites in Spain

15 March 2019
Nowadays, Spain is one of the most famous holiday destination in the word thanks to culture, famous cities, beautiful beaches and outstanding cuisine. However, what many people don’t know about Spain is that it is home of several astonishing monuments of Islamic culture declared world heritage sites.


27 February 2019
Trying to figure out where to go on your much-deserved post wedding holiday? Whether you're looking for some adventure in a vibrant city or just prefer a more relaxing experience in a dazzling island? In this case Spain is the perfect destination for you and your couple. Spain is one of the oldest and most famous honeymoon destination thanks to its extensive beaches, large history and the most appropriate sites in Europe.

Semana Santa 2019

15 February 2019
Spain is completely transformed during Semana Santa as people from all over the world come to experience one of the country’s most traditional events to the full. From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, thousands of people flock to attend the numerous processions that take place all over Spain. This year, Holy Week will be taking place from the 14th-21st April.

Las Fallas 2019

24 January 2019
Las Fallas will be celebrated in the Community of Valencia during the 15th-19th March this year, but the streets will begin to fill up with the hustle and bustle and excitement of the festival long before that. Las Fallas is a celebration which brings art and tradition yet fun and satire all together, and the Valencians be sure to live their most famous festival to the fullest.

Jarramplas 2019

11 January 2019
As everyone already knows, Spain is famous for its exciting, over-the-top festivals which take place all across the country all year long. Now that the New Year has begun, we have a huge variety of celebrations and parties to look forward to. However, one of Spain’s craziest, most bizarre festivals is actually one that a lot of people haven’t even heard about – the Jarramplas festival.

Canary Islands Music Festival 2019

17 December 2018
Next year, the famous Canary Islands Music Festival (also known as FIMC) will take place from the 10th January to 10th February 2019. This exciting annual event of classical music will take place simultaneously in Tenerife and Gran Canaria, which to enrich the cultural life of the islands, as well as promoting high levels of cultural tourism and increase musical prestige in the Canaries. 

Christmas 2018 in Spain

29 November 2018
As December approaches, cities and towns all over Spain are beginning to prepare for the festive season. There are endless ways to celebrate the Christmas holidays, with the different regions all having their own unique ways of celebrating, ranging from food and drink to parades and displays. We have put together a summary of everything you need to know about Christmas in Spain this year.