La Tomatina festival

As always, this year Spain’s craziest festival, - La Tomatina – will take place on the 28th of August in the Spanish town Buñol, in the community of Valencia. During this fun festival, participants throw ripe tomatoes at each other, turning the whole city and everyone in it red.

Some history

The traditions of the famous Tomatina festival dates back to 1945, when some young boys decided to watch the parade in the main square of Buñol. For a better view, they started to push people to get into the front rows. This pushing caused people to fall and in their anger some of them started throwing things around. Soon, numerous people were throwing fruit and vegetables at each other. By the end, most of the people who were attending in the parade had joined into the fight and a huge food war began. People mostly threw tomatoes as they were easier to handle and left huge stains on clothes. In the following years, the boys brought tomatoes and started the fight again. The boys who only started a food fight in 1945, created a world famous Spanish tradition without even knowing.

Good to know

People who participate in the battle need to pay attention to some basic rules in order to guarantee a fair and fun fight for everyone. It is hard to control such a crazy and entertaining event, and therefore everybody should stick to these easy rules so no one gets hurt and everyone can enjoy the festival to its fullest.

Make sure that you arrive at La Tomatina in clothing that you won’t throwing away after the fight, as everyone in Buñol will be drenched in red tomato juice. Some people wear white shirts so that the red stains from the tomatoes are even more visible. However, the best choice is to wear old clothes with a bathing suit underneath, since you will be soaked in tomato juice and water. Moreover, the best shoe choie is a comfortable training shoes as the streets of Buñol will be crowded and slippery. You may even want to wear swimming goggles to protect your eyes from the tomato acid. It is also advised to leave your valuables at home to ensure that they don’t get destroyed.

But the most important rule of the Tomatina festival is to treat others with respect! Remember, the fight is purely for fun and to go a little crazy together, so have consideration for others. Always squeeze the tomatoes a bit before throwing them as this makes them softer. Also, do not tear anybody’s t-shirt and never throw anything else than tomatoes! Other than that, try to have as much fun as possible and enjoy every second of this unusual tradition.

Children’s La Tomatina

On the Saturday before the huge tomato fight, the town of Buñol organizes the children’s Tomatina festival so that the kids can take part too.  Any child between the ages of four and fourteen can participate in the child’s version of La Tomatina. This event is organized in a fenced area in the main street of the town to make an exceptional experience for all.

If you are interested in participating in this world famous food fight, do not hesitate to contact us about our Tomatina packages, and even complete your festival experience by combining it with a trip Barcelona and Madrid!

map marking Buñol