Ibiza has a deserved reputation as perhaps the most famous party island in the entire world and be sure a flock of visitors travel here to enjoy its great super clubs and beach party bars. But there is more to Ibiza than all-night beach bar parties, DJs and discos and we would like to show this to you.

A surprise for many people when planning a must-do list when visiting Ibiza is that there is something to do for everyone. Top class beaches, natural landscapes, delicious gastronomy, heritage sites, whitewashed traditional villages …  Ibiza has a surface of only 572km2 but it is a diverse small big world of many possibilities. We summarised some of them and put focus on special details not many know about.

Historical walks

The island is rich in architectural and cultural heritage sites. Start with Ibiza Town, with its popular Dalt Vila’s renaissance walls, one of the Island’s most important monuments. A list of top-tier heritage sites includes whitewashed churches; defence towers; sanctuaries as Es Culleram; archaeological sites - beginning with Puig des Molins necropolis and Sa Caleta Phoenician settlement.  Ibiza is also a land of artisans, descendants in a long tradition, and their products can be found in the cosy street markets.

Explore the best sights

The Instagram world would have never boosted so fast without the best spot sights and Ibiza has some of the most wished ones. Postcard-level snapshots can be found around most corners but Ibiza’s world famous sunsets belong to the top of the list.  In summer evenings everyone heads to Sant Antoni’s Bay for its stunning views. Es Vedrà, Platges del Comte, Benirràs, Punta Galera; Ses Salines, are destinations that offer a memory for life. During the day just go to Sa Talaia, 475m over the sea, the highest point on the island offering best panoramic views. Other breath-taking shots can be taken at the amazing cliffs, woods and coves.

The small neighbour island of Formentera has become the paradise to social media lovers and an oasis for famous and rich people around the world, who anchor their luxury yachts off the small island shores. Do not pass because it is the perfect day out choice. Formentera has some of the best beaches in Europe, Caribbean like. There is much to see: lighthouses, gorgeous nature reserves, calm white beaches, biking trails … everything just a short ferry trip from Ibiza.

Countryside & crafts

The Ibizan inland can be enjoyed on foot or biking, let it be summer, autumn or spring. The best way to discover the rich scenery is getting lost on its trails, immersing in an Ibiza that runs on a different pace. Rural villages and houses, white churches, natural springs, vineyards, almond and fig trees … the perfect landscape to escape from the busy tourist areas.

Interested in experiencing creative options? The countryside offers a wide range of workshops and activities. Since the 1960s Ibiza has been chosen by artists as their place of residence and inspiration – art and crafts, ateliers, music, circus, ecology … You can learn the secrets of the local herbs and the production of their best known liquor; practice your artistic side in painting ateliers; design jewels; discover cheese farms; visit artisan beer crafters …

Sports & Nature

The mild climate of the Mediterranean makes Ibiza a year-round sport destination with an extensive list of facilities and natural resources. The sea offers clear-blue waters suitable for sailing, kayaking, scuba diving, surfing … while inland Ibiza is a perfect spot for mountain biking, horse riding, hiking and golf.

Did you know that Ibiza shores is home to a 100,000 years old sea grass specie? Posidonia oceanica, the second oldest living organism on the planet, is a protected marine plant whose natural habitat is the Mediterranean and more specifically the Balearic Islands. Only a few know that Posidonia is directly responsible for the stunning beauty of the sea and for the turquoise blue colour and the white sand of the beaches. The Posidonia meadows are one of the most valuable assets Ibiza owns and it has been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. So enjoy the experiences the sea offers you but always caring about environmental friendly activities: when sailing, remember anchoring destroys the plants; prefer swimming? Enjoy diving through the meadows but never uproot the plants.


Of course, do not even consider to leave before you taste the culinary side of Ibiza. Gastronomy and wine lovers will find a rich offer based on locally-sourced ingredients like lamb and fish, combined with classy local wines. But Ibiza’s is also a destination for those looking for exclusive and world class cuisine in incredible settings and with amazing views.

The traditional cuisine takes advantage of the delicious local raw products, as its local wine, virgin olive oil and flavour-rich bread and most have been included within “Ibizan-produced” guarantee marks. Nowadays the respect for the legacy and traditions of a region should be a valuable asset to all visitors and the preservation of the natural environment and land products are essential. So, why not spare some time to enjoy local delicacies?

  • When it comes to local wines, the geographic indication is Vins de la Terra.
  • The seal Oli d’e  is the guarantee you are tasting olive oil created by Island’s manufacturers under traditional procedures.
  • Ibizan Herbs (spirit drinks obtained from seventy plants in the area) is a popular drink that has always been made at home following secret recipes.
  • The Flaó is a typical Easter dish nowadays found all year-round, a round cake made with egg, fresh sheep cheese and peppermint leaves. Flaó d’e is the guarantee mark for locally registered manufacturers.
  • Anyell d’e is the guarantee mark for Ibizan Lamb.  
  • Mel Certificada d’Eivissa  is a seal that protects Ibizan-produced honey, collected just twice a year.

Hopefully our post has shown you the many faces of this small but great island and that the list of things to do can give you an idea of how to explore its lesser known spots, but, should you need further information and help planning your upcoming trip, let us know, we are here to assist you: