While some of the most famous hotels are planning to re-open soon, the clubs on the island are awaiting guidelines and rules from the local government, but what seems clear by now is that none of the big venues will be allowed to open before July at the earliest. After the two successful test events in Barcelona this year (one party and one large concert, both done with PCR controls before and after) resulted being totally safe, Ibiza’s nightlife association is trying to get corresponding permits from Balearic Government to run a similar event in about a month time, with the aim to have the chance of a safe opening in July.

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Ibiza and the Balearics are, at this moment, in a good Covid situation and vaccination levels are steady increasing. Nevertheless, it seems the return to events will be postponed until earliest July and it shall be smaller venues, which hold controlled events last summer, that will have it easier to re-open first.

So, if you decide to visit Ibiza is season, be sure you check the situation of the openings of largest venues before you travel. We all hope 2021 will be far better than 2020, with a more real genuine summer with some clubbing action, even if with limited capacity and under safety measures still not defined.                  The current restrictions are the best way to guarantee a safe party opening in the second part of the summer.

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Remember, if you are planning to visit Ibiza, let us know, we will be pleased to helo you with updated information.