Sevilla is the capital of Andalusia that lies in the region of southern Spain. It is situated on the plain of the river Guadalquivir and is approximately 2.200 years old. It is easily reachable both from Madrid and Málaga by AVE train, airplane, or bus. Get to know more about Spain by discovering one of its most characteristic cities. The different civilizations that lived there had left their distinctive marks in every part of this amazing city.

There are plenty of activities from which companies can choose to have great days in Sevilla. Would you like to go back to nature and feel the spirit of traditional life in Spain? Sevilla is the perfect place for this. Visit one of the famous farms (Finca) where your team will get to know more about the techniques of bullfighting, its origin, as well as the breeding of bulls and horses. Here is the chance to feel like a farmer while driving through the land with a tractor and joining different traditional workshops such as milking goats or managing bullfighter cloak and painting pottery. Enhance your cooking skills by making local dishes during a specialized cooking lesson. Get lost in the infinite tranquility of nature while you are trekking in astonishing national parks, which are declared as Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, and observing special types of birds along with other animals from the closest you could ever have imagined.

What can strengthen the bond between colleagues more than sport? Jump into a canoe and row through the wonderful Guadalquivir river, grab a bike and stroll down Sevilla’s stunning streets or put on your training shoes and play football.

If Spain, then delicious dishes that can be found in every little corner of the city. Sevilla’s gastronomy is as colourful as its culture thanks to its long history. Every member of the company can select their dinner as per their wish while tasting traditional Andalusian cuisine such as gazpacho (cold tomato soup), fried fish and other seafood, cured meat, and so forth. After a savoury dinner at a unique restaurant, take delight in a conventional Flamingo show. Do not leave Sevilla without trying tapas at one of its lovely bars.

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