Across Spain has hand-crafted a wide range of Group Tours & Packages to introduce the best of Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Our itineraries at planned to fit all budgets and travelling preferences: set your own dates, decide how many you will be and with whom you will travel. Everything’s included: carefully selected hotels, transfers, guided touring, entrance fees, intercity transportation, meals…

Let us introduce some of our available itineraries, from 3 to 10 nights and planned to travel by fully equipped A/C coaches. Our professional tour-leaders and guides will take best care of you and make sure you have an unforgettable pleasant experience.

Basic 5 day trip – Barcelona & Madrid

If you only have a few days and it is your first time in Spain, we strongly recommend you to visit the two main cities: Madrid and Barcelona. Both count with excellent international airports with overseas connections to all continents. Barcelona will welcome you by the sea and offer you unique architecture gems, a cosy medieval old quarter, great shopping avenues and a surprising excellent gastronomy.

Madrid is a monumental city designed upon a city-plan of broad large avenues, urban green parks, majestous buildings and palaces and a lively historic centre where night seems to never come to an end. Both cities are connected by high speed train that covers a 600 km distance in maximum 3 hour time.



9 day trip – Barcelona – Madrid – Valencia and Southern Spain

Let’s add to main Spanish cities (Barcelona and Madrid) the best of Andalucía with a stop in Valencia.

Andalucía is perhaps one of the most stunning regions in Spain thanks to its historic heritage: Seville, its capital city, Córdoba, Europe’s most awarded site by UNESCO World Heritage, Granada, once the capital of Al-Andalus, with the unique Alhambra Palace.

We have already spoken about Madrid and Barcelona. Valencia is a perfect overnight stop on the way, a charming city by the Mediterranean, with a nice historic centre and modern architecture projects. Moreover, it is the cradle of Spain’s most famous dish: the “paella”. Granada is the place you cannot miss: situated at the foothills of Sierra Nevada mountains, it was once the capital of the Moorish Kingdom of Al-Andalus, which lasted almost 800 years and left us the most valuable Moorish legacy in Spain, the Alhambra Palace. Córdoba hosts the largest collection of UNESCO World Heritage sites in Europe: the old and perfectly preserved Mosque, now a Cathedral; the Alcázar Fortress and the Synagogue in the Jewish district, all of them situated in a charming walled historic centre plenty of small narrow streets and courtyards, decorated with flowers and orange trees. And, finally, Seville, perhaps south Spain’s most charming and monumental city, with La Giralda Tower, the Cathedral and the Real Alcázar fortress are its best known sights, but also a city of lively streets and neighbourhoods with countless tapas outings.

After this week length trip, visitors will have acquired the most important information to understanding the history of this complex and rather young country, raised on a rich mix of cultures and religions, from Roman Empire to Moorish domination, home to important Jewish communities and finally united by the Catholic Monarchs in late 15th C.



10 day trip – Spain & Morocco

The distance between south Spain’s coast and Morocco is as short as a a 1 hour ferry trip between Tarifa (Cádiz) and Tangier. Why not combining a round trip in Andalucia with the main destinations in Marocco?

The trip starts in Madrid as main international airport, continues to Andalucia, where we will visit Córdoba, Sevilla and Granada before driving to Tarifa harbour to board on one of the ferries that cross the narrow Atlantic path between the two countries.

We will enter Marocco in Tangier and from there, by bus, visit its most important sites: Fez, Marrakech and Casablanca, from where international flights can be taken to fly out to your country of origin. Tangier will be your entrance point to Morocco. Enjoy a walking tour in the medina, see the Kasbah and Socco market and afterwards, we will take our bus and drive to Fez.

The historic and authentic Medina of Fez, declared Heritage Site by UNESCO, preserves embedded in its walls and mazes the Moroccan heritage. A city with a thousand facets, with many religious buildings (mosques, mausolems, temples, synagogues …) and a large number of historical monuments. It houses among others, the first university in the Arab world. More than 9000 winding streets that compose constitute a plan of urbanism unchanged since the twelfth century where daily life continues to be punctuated by the ceaseless activity of artisans and traders.

Next destination is Marrakech, perhaps Morocco’s best known tourist site. Founded almost 1000 years ago, Marrakech has an extraordinary history, of which it still retains a very rich cultural heritage today. As the historic heart of the city, the medina of Marrakech concentrates within its monuments that will delight lovers of history and architecture. Our guides will make sure you visit main musts of this city: Koutoubia, one of its most impressive monuments and one of the most beautiful mosques of the Western Muslim world; Bahia Palace, literally, the marvelous, the brilliant, where best Moroccan and Andalusian artisans worked at for fourteen years; the gates of Marrakech, 10 gates piercing the wall and formerly allowing entry into the medina; and of course, we will not let you miss its worships, gardens, bazaars and hand-crafters.

Our itinerary ends in Casablanca, “the white city”. Drive through the wide avenues and long stripes and walk through the narrow streets of the Medina. The tour also features visits to United Nations Square, Habous district, Hassan II Mosque and Corniche Boulevard. Enjoy a free afternoon and evening before you take your flight home next day.

These are only 3 sample itineraries but we have a wider range of choices combining Spain & Portugal, central and northern Spain … . Check our itineraries, think about your preferences, let us know and we will hand-craft suitable alternatives. We are here to make it possible: