Did you know that nearly 50% of olive oils in the world are produced in Spain? Known since ancient Greece times as the liquid gold, olive oil is one of the products that best defines Mediterranean gastronomy. There are 29 Designations of Origin in Spain, where more than 200 varieties of olives are grown, each one with its own unique flavours and aromas.

Source: Turismo Provincia de Jaén

Large extensions of olive trees can be found in 34 regions across the country. Among them, one area outstands above the others, Jaén, known as the “world’s capital of olive oil”. Situated inlands Andalucia, it is a rich territory with jewels as Baeza and Úbeda, just one hour drive from Granada, all declared world heritage by UNESCO. 

Other regions that outstand on top of production list are Castilla-La Mancha, boardering south with Madrid, with the historical town of Toledo as main tourist attraction, and Catalonia, north-east Spain, with Barcelona airport as an entry airport, a good start of an olive oil tour.

Source: Mercacei

“Oleoturismo” is the Spanish word that refers to tourism related to production of olive oil. Discover an "almazara" (a word with Arabian roots used to define olive oil mills); enjoy a tour starting with a walk among ancient olive trees, followed by a visit to the mill where olives are pressed and turned into extra virgin olive oil. Of course, no visit can end without a tasting of some of world’s leading AOVE brands.

Source: Mercacei

Enjoy the opportunity to combine a gastronomical experience also from a historic and cultural perspective. Olive groves were brought to the peninsula by Phoenicians and, later on,  the Roman Empire made of Spain the most important producer of olive oil, reaching levels that allowed them to cater the most confined spots in their vast Empire.

Get to know as well the Islamic heritage in Andalucia: Córdoba, Granada and Sevilla can be easily reached from Jaén. Embrace the medieval heritage Castilla- La Mancha, known as “the land of castles”, has to offer, with Toledo as best known site. Combine ancient, medieval and art-noveau architecture in Catalonia, home as well to some of the most recently awarded restaurants in the world.

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