8 February 2018
The holy week, 6 days just before Easter Sunday, is one of the most important weeks in the Christian culture. This year, it will be celebrated from the 25th to the 31st of March, starting on Palm Sunday and ending on Easter Saturday. Many cities in Spain have their own traditions and ways of preparing and embracing the resurrection of Christ and hold processions, church services and events the entire week. 

Starlight watching

23 January 2018
All over the world there are different places to watch the beautiful shine of starlight. Some places have better conditions to highlight the stars in the dark than others. Mainly Spain is blessed by many spots where to enjoy the beautiful spectacle by clear sky during the night. The best places are designated with special certificates like the “Starlight reserve” and the “Starlight destination”.

Camino de Santiago – The Way of St. James

11 January 2018
The Way of St. James, or in Spanish: Camino de Santiago, is one of the most important pilgrimage places in the world. Since the discovery of the remains of the apostle Saint James the Greater, there has started a never ending interest in following the route of the St. James Way until its final pilgrim place, Santiago de Compostela, which lies in the northwest of Spain, in the region of Galicia.

Jarramplas festival

7 December 2017
Spain is popular for several things and activities, like for example football, gastronomy, landscape and of course also because of its extraordinary festivals. The ones you already heard about may include La Tomatina, San Fermín, Las Fallas and Carneval. But there are much more you might not heard about yet. One of the maybe craziest ones is the festival Jarramplas in Piornal.

Christmas in Spain

27 November 2017
Christmas is just around the corner and whole Spain is getting prepared already. This special event is celebrated whole over the world. Especially in Spain it is a very important holiday, due to their religious attitude. More than 70% of the inhabitants of the country are Roman-Catholic and mainly elderly people are highly religious. Therefore, Christmas in Spain has a long history and is always a special time of the year.

Opera in Spain

10 November 2017
Spain is a popular travel destination for everyone with passion for opera. Not only because of the numerous plays written by Spanish composers, but also because of their incomparable facilities offered in several cities. If you go to Spain, to discover its operas, you should not miss visiting the places Madrid, Sevilla, Barcelona, Valencia and Bilbao.


23 October 2017
The gastronomic offers you can explore in Spain are endless. Many regions of the country are famous for its delicious cuisine as well as for its fine wines and other typical drinks. A lot of tourists are struggling with the question: “Where to go to have an interesting experience of the culinary art of Spain?” Almost all regions provide a great range of different traditions. One of the best places to discover a typical culinary custom is going to Madrid to visit some of the historic and legendary taverns.


22 September 2017
MotoGP or Motorcycle Racing Grand Prix is internationally famous. The races take place annually in cities around the world. Spain is the venue for the competition 4 times per year in the cities Jerez, Barcelona, Alcañiz, in Aragon region, and Valencia.

Wine in Spain

11 September 2017
September has started, and so has the harvesting season in Spain. Wine in Spain has gained such an importance that it is not just a drink or a business here, but even a lifestyle. If you love wine there is no way around to come to Spain and get a holistic wine experience during your journey.