Would you like to get lost in the infinite tranquility of nature? One of the best place for that is Extremadura which is a region in western Spain, bordering Portugal. Why? Because it has several natural treasures such as mountains, forests, lakes and reserves such as Monfragüe and Cornalvo National Parks, the Dehesa. These places shelter diverse birdlife. 

Without any doubt, this area gives a perfect opportunity to watch birds as it includes several species. So which kinds of birds can you explore here? For instance, Spanish Imperial Eagle, Black Stork, about 400 pairs of Eurasian Black Vulture, Great Bustard, Golden Eagle, Peregrine Falcon and many others.

Extremadura provides different types of experiences regarding birdwatching all year round. However, the best season for this activity is winter, it gives a spectacular view when the birds such as cranes, Griffon vultures, storks have arrived and start building their nests. For sure, every season holds something special for you. During spring when the nature starts waking up, the flowers are blossoming amidst this atmosphere you can listen to the amazing songs of birds. In summer, you can observe the “daily life” of birds as vultures and bee-eaters are quite active in this period.

If you are getting excited about it, here are some wonderful cities with an impressive historical background, where you can stay. Cáceres is the magnificent capital of the province of Cáceres. It was declared a World Heritage site with its beautiful Renaissance places, its charming cobbled streets and so forth. The city which is declared Property of Cultural Interest is in the province of Cáceres, called Trujillo. Take delight in exploring the Romanesque monuments of Plasencia.

The question arises, all right, how can I get there? There is one international airport nearby which is in Madrid. From there you can take a 2-3 hour long train journey.

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