Luxury trains in Spain

Enjoying Spain by travelling through the country in a luxury train is definitely once in a lifetime experience for all. These luxury trains are connects Spain’s several regions, cities, cuisine and made to configure each luxury tour to meet your specific needs with its pleasant atmosphere and it’s a first-class crew. Travellers can choose from a wide variety of trains across the Iberian Peninsula, such as the famous Al Andalus Luxury Train which takes its travellers on a round-trip journey from Seville, visiting historical cities in Andalusia or exploring the Northern provinces which part is also known as green Spain with the El Transcantábrico Luxury Train.


Most of the luxury trains in Spain were built in the beginning of the 20th century and started to operate in the end of this century. As a result most of the carriages are represents the style of the 1920s – 1930s, the luxury of the golden ages.

The oldest luxury train which was built in the UK in 1923 and opened for business on 30 July 1983 with an inaugural trip between La Robla and Cistierna in Leon is the world famous El Transcantábrico Luxury Train. The original idea for this train was to run a tourist train in northern Spain by using the FEVE's tracks to represent the legendary Orient Express.

The El Transcantábrico Luxury Train

The second oldest luxury train in Spain is the Al – Andalus train which runs in the southern part of the country in the province of Andalucía. The train's was built from 1928 to 1930 and later were used as the British Royal Trains in the early 20th century. Thanks to this the carriages of the Al – Andalus trains are represents the luxury of the 20th century and travellers can enjoy its 'Belle Époque' décor in all of its Deluxe Suites and Gran Class bedrooms and its spacious 1920s saloon cars.

The lounge of  the Al -Andalus Luxury Train


We can find many railway line around the whole Iberian Peninsula and several of them are used by Luxury Trains. The longest route is made by the El Transcantábrico Luxury train in the northern provinces of Spain. This journey runs in the northern cost of Spain, from Leon to Santiago the Compostela, visiting numerous beautiful cities in the provinces of Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia.

Map of the route of the El Transcantábrico Luxury Train

The Al – Andalus Luxury Train, which runs in the southern part of the country in the province of Andalucía is starts its journey from the Andalusian capital Seville and takes its travellers on a round trip, to visit the most famous cities of south Spain. By travelling this train visitors can explore the historical cities of Cordoba, Ubea, Granada, Ronda, Jerez and Cadiz and experience the traditions, cuisine, folklore and history of the area.

Map of the route of the Al - Andalus Luxury Train

Besides the two above mentioned we can find more itineraries both in the north and southern part of Spain. However, those are run on shorter routes, such as the La Robla Express which runs from Leon to Bilbao, the Costa Verde Express from Gijon to Bilbao or the Extremadura route of the Al –Andalus train which goes from Seville to Madrid.


Nowadays many of the Luxury Train lines which are operating since the 20th century can be used as well. Some of them has changed partly or totally its destinations but definitely visits the most important parts of Spain. Moreover, the trains takes its travellers back in time, to the luxury of the golden ages and everyone who take part in the journey can enjoy the elegance and comfort of these trains accompanied by all amenities and services of the 21st century. Besides, travellers can experience high class services, outstanding cuisine by the famous Spanish chefs and traditions while travelling through Spain.

The lounge of  the El Transcantábrico Luxury Train

The Al - Andalus Luxury Train

If you would like to explore the Iberian Peninsula on a different way of travelling and discover places full with traditions and history than a Luxury Train journey is made for you. Experience a cultural and gastronomic journey in one of Spain’s five-star rail-cruise and discover the magical Andalucía or explore the gorgeous Green Spain travelling through the northern provinces of Spain!

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