Las Fallas festival takes place very year in March in Valencia, Spain and it has been recetly added to UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage of humanity list.

The colourful tradition of Las Fallas with its magnificent celebration traces its humble origins to 1497 and is dedicated to San José, the patron saint of carpenters. At that time artisans and carpenters were forced to spend their winter days by the light of oil lamps which hung from wooden structures. The lamps and their structures became useless with the arrival of spring and the lengthening of days which was celebrated by burning it all down. After a while they began to put clothing on the parots and identifying it with a well-known local personality. Once the tradition of ninots, the enormous figures of today, was born, it was all about getting more and more creative when decorating the wooden structures and having fun.


It’s Valencia’s biggest festival of the year and brings hundreds of overseas visitors and people from all around Spain together to celebrate the Fallas fiesta from 15th to the 19th of March. With a 30 meters high tower in the middle of Valencia’s public scare which is designed by well-known artists, sculptors and painters, it is undoubtedly one of the craziest festivals in Spain. The atmosphere in these 5 days cannot be expressed in words: the ground is shaking beneath your feet and your head is spinning uncontrollably. In case you don’t want to miss out this adrenaline rush, be prepared for an early start getting a wake-up call by loud firecrackers. At 2 PM organised explosions all over the city start and will be followed by a visual firework each night. Finding the right balance between scathing satire and sardonic humour when creating the colourful Fallas portraying celebrities, politicians and events of the past year will be awarded with prizes on the second day of the festival. When the 370 large Fallas and 368 smaller Fallas turn into colourful flames at midnight on March 19th, you can literally say the city lights up.



Las Fallas Festival should be definitely on your TO-DO-List when you are thinking about visiting Spain. The experience is unique and the festival is THE event in Valencia. Even through, the festival is lived on the streets and being part of it doesn’t mean you have to belong to any neighbourhood, you should still make sure to plan your trip to Valencia now as the city is sold out very long before the Fallas festival starts.

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