Tapas, which are small plates of food (average 75 grams) served between meals and accompany to wine or beer, find their origin in Spain. However, due to various legends it is unclear how exactly the tradition developed. While some people believe in King Alfonso XIII, The Wise King of Spain, and his illness which could get cured by taking in small portions of food alongside with wine and the out of this developed law to serve wine with food, others are confident that it was King Fernando XVII who ordered alcohol only with the accompaniment of food after getting served wine with cheese over top to protect the wine from bugs and dust. Some historians are certain that farmers and workers invented the tradition of tapas by having small snacks and a glass of wine to endure the long working days. Until today, nobody was able to refute any of these claims convincingly, however, nobody could prove the truth of these stories either.


source: Instituto Mediterraneo Sol

Whenever and wherever the tradition of having tapas has started, over time it has established a form of national identification and is of great importance for Spanish culinary. Eating tapas has become such a trend that a new word developed out of it: “tapear” (to eat tapas). Tapas are not only eaten and loved in Spain, the hype is reaching countries all over the world – whether Americans, English or French people, everybody loves the idea of having tapas between meals without getting stuffed!


source: el telegraph

Nowadays, there is a huge variety of tapas due to the creation of own tapas by each Spanish region. Contrarily to the northern regions of Spain which are specialized in seafood tapas, the eastern coast focuses on Mediterranean tapas. However, some tapas such as olives and coquetas (fried balls filled with meat, fish or vegetables) are well-known and loved all over Spain. Moreover, Spaniards love to order fried squid rings called calamares a la romana and the famous tortilla de patatas (potato omelette).

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No matter which Spanish city you will search for in the internet – every city is boasting of being the best place to have tapas and while it is everywhere charming, our TOP 5 List to have tapas consists of Granada (best place to get tapas for free), Alcala de Henares in Madrid, Valladolid, Valencia and León.


source: the culture trip
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