If Spain, then gastronomy. What could be better than getting to know a culture by its cuisine? Spain has a famous traditional gastronomy mixed with an innovative modern touch. The cuisine of Spain is just as colorful and wealthy as the country itself. Its local ingredients such as olives, extra virgin olive oil, freshly caught fish, seafood, garden-fresh vegetables, chicken, Iberian cured meats, fine wine, various types of cheese and the way how the chefs make superb dishes out of them will make you gain some phenomenal sensory experiences.

Surely, you will like tasting these mouth-watering meals and you will wish you could make them at home as well. There is the perfect chance to learn how to make these Spanish foods as you can take part in a cookery lesson, where professional chefs will help you to acquire the special techniques and ruse.

Since Spain has an impeccable gastronomy, it is not a surprise that there are lots of Michelin star restaurants with flavoursome meals across the country, where everyone can find what fits their own taste. Are you ready to try new gastronomic concepts?

Spain is also well-known for its gourmet markets called “mercado” where you can experience the essence and the most significant flavors of Spain with the exceptional atmosphere being provided as well.

Get lost in the beautiful view while you participate in olive oil and wine tours where not just your taste buds will be satisfied, but your soul as well - thanks to the tranquil nature where these wonderful vineyards lay and olive trees grow. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to get to know more about the history of wine and olives as you will see the whole production cycle from harvest to bottling. Discover local farms where you can get an insight into farming.

If you are interested in this unforgettable sensory tour across Spain, do not hesitate to write us an email to to get more information about our gastronomy packages.