Not even one month left until the season of the Spanish football teams in La Liga starts. In September the tournament begins and will continue until June. Within these months, the fans will follow the matches either on the television or, to have the best experience of the championship and the fantastic and thrilling atmosphere, attend a match in the stadium.
90 years ago La Liga was founded, which was the beginning of a series of exciting national football matches. The history of football even traces back to decades before the establishment of La Liga. 

The invention of the game football reaches back to the Ancient decades, and it is said that the Geek and Romans were the first who played different games with balls, one of it involved kicking the ball with the feet. The first time a man concretely described football dates back to the late 12th century in England. Codes for this game were later established in British schools by students and teachers. Because of the popularity of football in England they founded the first national association for this game, the English Football Association. Within the 19th century it spread all over Europe and even to continents overseas. There was the need for an international association for this game and the Fédéracion Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) was formed.
The roots of football in Spain go back to the 19th century, when workers from England and Spanish students (returning from abroad) started to spread this game. The oldest known football club in Spain, named Recreativo de Huelva, was established by a British worker in 1889. One year later the first official match in Spain took place between Recreativo de Huelva and Colonia Inglesa. Spain’s national championship was founded in 1903 which was named “Copa Del Rey” (King’s Cup) until it got replaced by League Championship. On the occasion of the Olympic Games, the national team was formed in 1920. Because of their successful participation (they won the silver medal), the popularity of football among Spaniards increased massive.  
Nowadays football is the most popular sport in Spain, there are over 874.000 registered players (men and women) and more than 21.000 registered clubs. The success of the Spanish teams of La Liga (mainly Real Madrid and FC Barcelona) in national as well as international cups and also the victory of the FIFA World Cup in 2010 and the victories of the UEFA European Championship in 2008 and 2012 are triggers for the enthusiasm and the euphoria about Spanish football, not only within the country, but also within a lot of other European countries.

La Liga, also known as Liga de Fútbol Profesional, was the first national league in Spain, founded by Álvaro Trejo (director at Arsenal Club de Getxo) in 1927. The first Premier League was formed by 10 teams including Real Madrid, Barcelona, Athletic Bilbao, Real Sociedad, Arenas Club de Getxo, Real Unión, Atlético Madrid, Espanyol, Europa and Racing de Santander. Since the beginning of La Liga a total of 60 teams played in the national league.
Nowadays La Primera División includes 20 teams and it has been the top league in Europe for 5 years according to UEFA’s league coefficient. In total Spanish football teams won 66 international tournaments. Liga de Fútbol Profesional is every year dominated by the same teams.
There are annual competitions arranged by the Royal Spanish Football Federation, which is the national governing body. The cups are called Copa del Rey and Supercopa de España. La Liga is part of the federation, even though it has autonomy and is not governed by the Royal Spanish Football Federation.
This year 7 Spanish teams are playing in Europe’s two biggest club competitions: The Champions League will feature Real Madrid (the current champions of the League and of La Liga), FC Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid, and Sevilla CF. Villarreal, Atlhetic de Bilbao, and Real Sociedad are playing in the Europa League.

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Real Madrid Club de Fútbol (Real Madrid):
It was founded in 1902 and has the second largest stadium in Spain. With 33 Liga victories and 12 European Cub victories, it is not only one of the best teams in Spain, but also in the whole world.

Futbol Club Barcelona (FC Barcelona):
Another world known football team is FC Barcelona, which exists since 1899 and has the biggest stadium in whole Spain. As successful and famous as Real Madrid it won 28 Liga games and 4 European Cups.

Club Atlético de Madrid (Atlético Madrid):
The second team of Madrid was established one year after Real Madrid. Atlético Madrid fights successfully in the upper league and already succeeded in 10 Liga championships.

Reial Club Deportiu Espanyol de Barcelona (RCD Espanyol):
Next to FC Barcelona, RCD Espanyol is the second football club in Catalonia. Its stadium is the RCDE Stadium with a capacity of more than 40.000 visitors. They won the first place of Copa del Rey 4 times.

source: Real Madrid CF

Watching the matches on the television can be really intoxicating, but have you ever been in a stadium in Spain? With the beginning of September the season for La Liga starts and games are usually on Sundays and sometimes on Saturdays. The atmosphere in one of the Spanish stadiums is overwhelming if you are attending one of the matches of the most famous clubs Real Madrid or FC Barcelona live. But also the high spirits during a game of Espanyol or Atlético de Madrid are incomparable. Not only during the game you can enjoy the atmosphere, but also afterwards in bars or celebrate in one of the city's emblematic spots: every team "owns" its own: La Cibeles Fountain for Real Madrid fans, the Canaletas Fountain for Barcelona supporters, or the Neptuno Fountain for fans of Atlético de Madrid.
If you want to be part of the game and celebrate together with Spanish and international fans, contact us for further information and bookings.