Experiencing Spanish culture goes hand in hand with experiencing the great variety of culinary traditions of Spain with its gourmet restaurants, well-known tapas bars and outstanding gastronomy markets. Especially a visit at the food market is at the very top of the list of today’s tourists in Spain. Hundreds of options, a mixture of tradition and modernity and doors which are open to welcome everybody attracts countless tourists to visit the historic buildings in the very heart of the cities which host the local gastronomy markets.
Culinary tradition and especially gastronomy markets have undergone the most rapid change in Spain. While the famous food markets have existed in Spain since ancient times, the markets nowadays differ a lot from the original markets. Back in time, the food markets were not only open-air and in the very centre of the town, but also one of the only sources of food. Without globalization, the locals relied on the regional farmers to get their daily grocery shopping done. It was not only the meeting point and epicentre of civic life for Spaniards, but also indispensable to get to fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and fish.


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Times have changed and with it new possibilities of grocery shopping have evolved. While gastronomy markets’ only task used to be offering enough variety of fruits, vegetables, meat and fish to do your grocery shopping, many markets now feature a great variety of gourmet and crafts options and sometimes even live music. Eye-catching food presentations and a selection of tapas or even restaurants are standards at most of the markets and some even switched to let visitors experience the gastronomy at the market by tastings and samples. However, they managed to not lose their original charm and thus, the concept is working: Each day thousands of tourists are floating through the beautiful and trendy food markets.


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As the centres of gastronomy markets, Barcelona and Madrid feature the most famous food markets in Spain. La Boqueria in Barcelona is one of the most prestigious markets in the world with a history of over 800 years. In its huge hall it offers everything a heart could possibly desire and due to its great popularity, the market has recently restricted its number of visitors to ensure safety on busy days. Moreover, Santa Caterina market in Barcelona with its distinctive roof is the perfect place to shop fresh fish, meat and delicious pastries or to have lunch at one of the numerous restaurants. To experience Madrid to its fullest, visiting one of the many food markets is a must-do. Market of San Miguel or San Antón which are located in the very heart of the city feature only high quality products. The traditional market Chamberí counts together with the biggest market in Madrid Maravillas to one of the oldest markets and both are worth a visit.

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Beside Barcelona and Madrid, other markets such as the famous La Bretxa in San Sebastian, the gourmet market Lonja del Barranco in Sevilla and the central market in Valencia are must-see’s for food lovers.

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To be able to experience one of the wonderful food markets in Spain, it is necessary to pay attention to the opening hours. While big and well-known markets such as La Boqueria in Barcelona open normally its doors to visitors from Monday to Saturday, smaller markets are often only accessible on weekends or once a month.
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