Fiestas de Mayo in Cordoba

Cordoba is famous for its hanging flowers, balconies and many patios and there is even a street called “Calleja de las flores” which is popular among tourists because of its colourful flowers in typical blue flower pots combined with the stunning view of the mosque-cathedral.
Cordoba without flowers wouldn’t be the same. In fact, the signature blue flower pots and flowered patios became an emblematic sight of the city.
Due to the mild climate in the south of Spain, the weather is perfect, especially in spring, to grow plants before the dry period comes during the summer months.
It is only natural that the inhabitants of the town enjoy this time of the year with special celebrations.

Cruces de Mayo

It is an ancient, religious tradition here to put up crosses on some squares and streets of the city from April till the beginning of May. Its origin is unclear but the flowers that play a major role in this custom are a sign of greeting spring and May, the month of flowers. Some say, it goes back to the Roman festivals of Saint Helena, others think it is originated in the spiritual Pagan festival. The first contest organized by the city council of Cordoba took place in 1953.
The 3m high crosses are covered in flowers, beautifully decorated and can be visited and seen all day long. Part of the tradition is a contest to choose the prettiest cross. Cordoba is full of colour and at night-time there is typical Flamenco music and dancing in the street.

flowers as far as the eye can see 

The festival of Patios

This festival is one of the most popular ones in Cordoba and more than 50 patios participate. People start growing plants and decorating their terraces and courtyards several months in advance to be ready and open up the patios and courtyards on May 1st. The smell of jasmine, geraniums and oranges is in the air and the flamenco rhythm can be heard all over the streets.
Historically, it is known that the first competitions between the Cordoban courtyards were held in 1921.  However, it was not until 1933 when they began to become popular, meaning there were 16 different patios of the city in the contest and large prizes for the time.
In 2012, the festival was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.
There are courtyards from the tenth to the twentieth century in the city and most of them can be visited during the entire year. In some restaurants and hotels guests can even sit outside in their courtyard and enjoy the ambience.

Competition of balconies

The love of flower ornaments and decorations goes as far in this town as that the inhabitants of Cordoba even hold a competition to elect the most beautiful balcony or patio. It takes place during the Patios festival and extends the floral ornamentation in most of the streets. Many houses, bars and restaurants in the main streets are almost entirely covered in flowers and everyone who participates is very eager to win. Every year there are two winners. One for the most beautiful traditional patio and one for the most beautiful modern looking patio.

the white walls go great together with the bright colours of the plants

Feria de Cordoba

Just like the Feria de Abril in Sevilla, this fair evolved from livestock transactions and became an annual highlight for people of all ages. What started as a simple trading convention slowly turned into one of the biggest celebrations in the city of Cordoba. The booths are open for public, fairy lights are all over the city and illuminate the streets during the night, women are wearing the traditional flamenco dresses, bands are playing Andalusian music, bullfights take place on a daily basis and there are horse-drawn carriages, music, tapas and wine everywhere. Cordoba’s fair guarantees a week of tradition, culture and fun.


the illuminated gate of the fair 

Visiting the city in May will give travellers a unique experience. Although Cordoba is worth a visit all year round of course, the traditions and festivities in May are terrific and will give you the opportunity to experience the original southern Spain with its music, dance, cuisine, fiesta and Flamenco. What better way to welcome spring and learn more about Spanish culture than attending one of the many festivities in may?! Across Spain has lots of offers that include Cordoba and is very focused on Andalusia, so if you got interested in this magnificent place do not hesitate to contact us!