Spain has a handful number of popular MICE destinations: Barcelona, Madrid, Palma, Sevilla … but, what else can we find beyond these well-known spots?

Need to freshen up your destination portfolio? Keep reading because Cáceres can be the perfect destination for your upcoming MICE trip. Let’s see what it has to offer, we are sure it will wake up your interest.

Situated in Extremadura region, 320km south-east Madrid, half way between Spain’s capital and Lisbon, it can be easily reached by road. Cáceres enjoys a privileged enclave, the city and its region are rich in landscapes, leisure, historical heritage, cultural legacy and excellent quality gastronomy, so be ready for a 3-4 day stay full of new experiences.

Known as the city of thousand and one coats of arms, the history of Cáceres starts back on Palaeolithic times. Romans settled here on a hill near the Silver Way. Afterwards, Visigoths, Moorish, Jewish and Christians wrote the history of the city, leaving behind a great collection of monuments and buildings. Its monumental ensemble was declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1986 and it is considered one of the prettiest historic town centres of Spain.

Source: Turismo de Extremadura  - https://www.turismoextremadura.com/en/explora/Caceres-00002/

A natural environment that is home to Protected Natural Reserves and National Parks, where specialised professional companies will design best programmes. Enjoy a real landscape of stars, discover the rich biodiversity and geology of the area, get to know beautiful sceneries while practicing your favourite sport in the mountains and tracks, spend one day in freshwater paradises, sailing, kayaking, fishing or just sunbathing in an inlands beach.

Source: Turismo de Extremadura – https://www.turismoextremadura.com/en/ven-a-extremadura/Natural-Beauty-Spots/

A gastronomic legacy: here we find some of the best cured hams of Spain, a rich offer of locally produced wines and cava, a long tradition in cheese-making that would surprise any food-lover, first class cherries produced at Jerte Valley … all of them define the Iberian flavours that are the base of local cuisine.

Source: Turismo de Extremadura – https://www.turismoextremadura.com/en/ven-a-extremadura/Extremadura-Gourmet-Gastronomia/

Let’s see how we can combine such a wide offer of activities and services to build an appealing MICE program. Choose your favourite accommodation and let us know your eventual conference & meetings needs and we will add the necessary value that shall convince your clients to choose Cáceres for their next trip.

You will get to know historic spots; hike in natural parks; bike in paths across protected mountains and valleys; ride a horse through forests of chestnut trees, oaks and waterfalls; kayak in freshwater rivers and lakes.

More interested in introducing science activities? Stargazing, geoparks, birdwatching … there are activities enough to make you plan a second trip to Extremadura.

Source: Turismo de Extremadura – https://www.turismoextremadura.com/en/ven-a-extremadura/Live-out-the-nature-experience/

A group of foodies is visiting the area? No worries, we have also the perfect activities for them. Have you ever made cheese with your hands? Extremadura has a cheese route to learn about manufacturing, types of products, how to eat them … And what would cheese be without a perfect wine to pair with? Combine a cheese route with a visit to wine cellars, learn about local denominations, taste them.

Finally, let’s not forget perhaps the best known product of this region abroad: the Iberian pork, which runs freely in pasturelands in search of acorns, the secret ingredient that is the only base of their feeding and that gives the top quality to all products produced from their meat.

Source: Turismo de Extremadura – https://www.turismoextremadura.com/en/ven-a-extremadura/Ruta-del-Queso-00001/

And now, after a day of fantastic but also exhausting experiences, it is time to relax, drink and eat. Enjoy tradition at any of the local restaurants around, discover Extremadura’s dishes while sharing day’s experiences. By the way J most demanding visitors can upgrade the experience at Atrio Restaurant in Cáceres, 2 Michelin-star awarded so keep this name in mind.

Source: Turismo de Extremadura – https://www.turismoextremadura.com/en/ven-a-extremadura/From-caldereta-to-zorongollo/

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