Welcome to a new edition of “Las Edades del Hombre”! Welcome to Europe’s most important and impressive religious art! Welcome to Cuéllar (Segovia) in the region of Castile and Leon!
Since 1988 the Spanish foundation “Las Edades del Hombre” (in English: The Ages of Man) aims to promote culture and sacred art through the conservation, development, protection and dissemination of the Heritage of the eleven Catholic dioceses of Castile and León. With its headquarters in San Bernardo (Valladolid), the organisation has already organised 22 exhibitions to give public access to the rich heritage of the Catholic Church. With a total of more than 11 million visitors, the exhibitions are a big success every year. Moreover, The Ages of Man manages various events such as cultural activities, restoration of work of art and dissemination of artistic heritage. As winner of several awards, The Ages of Man counts to the most important exhibitions of religious art.



Every year, the focus is on another topic and relates often to current events happening in the world. This year, the spotlight is on sensing the levels of the meaning of “Reconciliare”. Since the 24th of April until the 12th of November, the exhibition presents a double reality: while on the one hand God’s mercy is greater than our sin, on the other hand evil, division and hatred exist. By referring to our society, the exhibition makes quite clear that there is a need to reconcile.

Divided into 4 parts, the exhibition is hosted in three emblematic churches of Cuéllar: the church of San Andrés, the church of San Martín and the church of Esteban. The three temples, which are not only beautiful but also rich in history, are masterpieces themselves.

source: Cadena SER

source: Nuestra Señora de los Arroyos

Visiting the exhibition is not only a good excuse to discover the beautiful town Cuéllar, which is rich in monuments such as the Castle and the city walls, but also to explore the region around Cuéllar.
Drive around 60 km down south of Cuéllar to get to the beautiful town Segovia. Declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985, Segovia is definitely worth a visit! With monuments such as famous aqueduct, numerous Romanesque churches, the Cathedral and Fortress, Segovia is one of most beautiful cities in the region.
Around 100 km driving takes you to Avila, declared as World Heritage Site. While in the late medieval ages pilgrims came to visit the church in the centre of the walled city, nowadays Avila hosts tourists who come to visit one of the finest remnants of Europe’s medieval era.
Only 54 km from Cuéllar, Valladolid can be found. Playing an important part in the Spanish history, Valladolid remained as an important cultural centre nowadays. The city is home to many museums such as the national museum of sculptures and the horse ride school as well as numerous churches and cathedrals like the church of Santa Maria la Antigua and church of San Benito.

source: Turismo Cuéllar

source: Segovia un buen plan

Castile and León is full of good restaurants and great food! Especially, the so called roast suckling pig and lamb is famous for this region. Cooking is cult in Castile and León, thus, whatever you eat is going to be delicious! Beside food, Castile and León is well-known for its Vino de la Tierra wines, which are high quality wines and similar to the French “vin de pays”.

source: el mundo

The exhibition in Cuéllar is open from the 24th of April until the 12th of November. Through special discounts for visitors on renfe tickets, it is not only easy but also cheap to get to Cuéllar.
Moreover, in order to be informed about the opening hours of the exhibition, have a look on the table below:

Church of San Andres

Church of San Martin

Church of San Esteban

Tuesdays – Fridays

Tuesdays – Fridays

Tuesdays – Fridays

Saturdays, Sundays, Bank holidays

Saturdays, Sundays, Bank holidays

Saturdays, Sundays, Bank holidays

If you got interested in visiting Europe’s most important religious art or if you want to visit another place rich on religious history, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for our religious programs!