In 1848, the construction of a railway line between Barcelona and Mataró laid the foundation for rail transport in Spain. While trains in Spain at this time were known as an uncomfortable mean of transportation, the first concepts to ensure an elegant and comfortable train ride by constructing hotel cars with dining and sleeping cars were introduced by Pullman in America in 1864. The idea of luxury trains spilt over to Spain more than 100 years later when the luxury train Transcantabrico opened business with an inaugural trip between La Robla and Cistiema in Leon in 1983. The never-ending age of luxury trains in Spain had begun.


 source: luxury train club
Traveling by train in Spain has never been more luxurious and special than with El Transcantabrico Gran Lujo, El Transcantabrico Clasico and Al Andalus. Inside of the four original Pullman lounge cars of El Transcantabricoo Gran Lujo you are back in 1923 – a unique flair which you have to experience to believe it. However, wandering through time is not only possible with El Transcantabrico Gran Lujo, Al Andalus has managed to send its guests through a time tunnel to the glamour of the Belle Époque, when the suite cars that make up the Al Andalus were built. Back then, only members of the British monarchy had the privilege to use these cars to travel between Calais and the French Riviera. El Transcantabrico Clasico has been operating since 1983. Thus, it is the oldest tourist train in Spain and names itself the most vintage luxury tourist train. All three trains offer an unmatched luxury train experience and guarantee to let you discover Spain at its best.
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Imagine yourself in a luxury suite with your loved one, a glass of wine and whenever you glance through the window, the view has changed! Mountains, wide green fields, small colorful villages – you see it all. A journey of dreams seems to become true by the network of luxury trains in Spain. Even though, Spain should be dominated by air traffic due to its geographical situation, trains are preferred by the majority thanks to ample space, spacious comfortable sleeping and seating area, restaurants, bars and wash rooms.


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All three trains offer different routes through Spain to experience the country with its colorful cities, cultural curiosities, breathtaking beaches and delicious cuisine. El Transcantabrico Gran Lujo turns a journey through the Basque Country into a truly delightful experience, whereas El Transcantabrico Clasico offers an unparalleled trip through northern Spain and regions of Castile and Leon. When catching Al Andalus, it is guaranteed to fall in love with Andalusia.

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El Transcantabrico Gran Lujo, el Transcantabrico Clasico and Al Andalus have accomplished to become unique through their elaborate balance between train journeys, stays and tours in the different cities. While parking at the station, guests can freely choose to join the scheduled tours, stay on board or explore the city on their own. The luxury train network in Spain is known for its excellent personalized service, exclusive activities related to culture and art, and fine dining. Moreover, the network advertise with no time wasting through packing/unpacking, magnificent sceneries and ultimate luxury.

source: renfe

It is possible to travel in ultimate luxury through Spain from March until October on regular and charter trips. Spain has achieved to convert a rail journey to an once-in-a-lifetime experience!
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