traditional spanish shopping

20 October 2015
madrid and barcelona are absolutely great places for those who want to go shopping at world-known brands stores. but for an unique spanish experience, visitors can’t miss the opportunity to visit typical food markets and traditional shops.

let's go shopping in madrid and barcelona

1 October 2015
spain is a country of history, culture, amazing gastronomy and stunning sightseeing. but in a trip to this country, a few days dedicated to shopping can’t be out of the plans.

The emotion of MotoGP

14 September 2015
MotoGP is a World Championship motorcycle racing, present in 14 countries and 4 continents. TV stations from all over the world cover the events!

Look at the stars!

26 August 2015
Looking at the stars may be a peaceful activity while relaxing at an open sky place by night. But also, it's a part of astronomy responsible for knowledge and studies in various fields. Tenerife is a great place to see those sparkling spots in the sky. 

new football season coming ahead in spain!

3 August 2015
one of the most traditional countries of football clubs of the world, spain is a great destination for those who want to see really close all the emotion this sport can provide! learn a little bit more about main football championships joined by spanish clubs.

discover the iberian birdlife

15 June 2015
the natural heritage foundation of the regional government of castilla y león has created the trino project to give people access to iberian birdlife through a series of 17 selected routes that ensure maximum respect for the environment. these ornithological routes are recommended not only for specialized visitors, but also for leisure and family tourism. a proposal where merge nature, culture and gastronomy.