23 December 2016
When Christmas time arrives, Spain gets ready for one of its most important festivities. At this time of the year shopping in Spain becomes very popular and fun.


28 November 2016
Spain is one of most important producers of olive oil in the world. For Spain, olive oil means, an important source of wealth and a symbol of its culture and gastronomy.


14 November 2016
Spain is the perfect country to spend Christmas with family, there are plenty of activities to do, from visiting the beautiful Christmas markets, eating delicious sweets and pastries, to seeing the traditional three king’s parade on 5th January.


31 October 2016
Spain is a perfect destination for honeymooners seeking a true escape into the most exotic aspects of Europe.The Iberian peninsula offers from snow-capped summits, highlands, mountains to infinite coasts with crystalline waters and ancient world heritage cities. An unique culture and way of life known worldwide that welcomes every couple to enjoy an unforgettable journey in Spain.

Spanish world heritage cities

14 October 2016
Spain is the country in the world with the third greatest number of World Heritage sites. Spain's cultural heritage is priceless for its tradition, history, wealth and diversity. This is something officially endorsed by UNESCO.

Welcome to harvest season!

30 September 2016
September and October mark the arrival of autumn in Spain, and also the period when grapes are picked. Every year, the harvest signals the end of the grape-growing season and it starts always with popular festivals that welcomes the work of harvest.

The European football season has started !

16 September 2016
We are again at the start of another European football season with new players, new coaches and a high excitement among football supporters in many European Countries. There is also, more and more important presence of international media groups that increase popularity of European football competitions all over the world.  

La Tamborrada

2 September 2016
It is a magnificent drum festival that takes place every year on the 20th January in the city of San Sebastián, in the north of Spain, 450 km away from Madrid. It starts at midnight, at the Constitution square, with the raising of the city flag. The festival lasts for 24 hours and the celebration ends at midnight. During 24 hours, different groups and corporations play melodies that will be heard in the city throughout the day.

international descent of the Sella River

26 May 2016
the descent of the River Sella is the single most important popular celebration of Asturias (Spain), and is considered to be a celebration of international tourist interest. it has been held since 1930, only interrupted by the Spanish Civil War between 1936 and 1943. it consists of a canoe race down the 20 kilometers of the River Sella between the towns of Arriondas and Ribadesella.