Spain has much to offer to international students groups and it can be a perfect destination offering an unforgettable travel.

Firstly, the country counts with a wide range of superb architecture in cities, such as Barcelona, which today is one of the most active cultural centers in the world and an icon city within the world architecture. Modern architecture competes with the modernism of the early XX century. Furthermore, Spain has important leisure and cultural complexes as “La Ciudad de Las Artes y de las Ciencias” in Valencia, or the interesting geology and architectural center of Altamira Caves in northern Spain. We cannot forget Madrid city, which has a wide range of museums and cultural places to visit, such as Prado or Reina Sofía museum, some of the most important pinacoteques of Europe.
On the other hand, more experienced students can visit different companies, of which Spain can boast at a global level and has a high degree of specialization compared to other countries. Best examples are the textile industry and the renewable energy industry. Regions as Catalonia or Galicia can claim of having the most important garment factories and Andalucia region is an European leader of solar energy platforms.

source: ABC
Students can also have fun doing activities related to Spanish culture, like cooking lessons, learning at the same time some secrets of one the healthiest and most delicious gastronomies of Europe. It is also a good alternative for students, to learn popular customs, as flamenco dance or to play the Spanish guitar. Other option is visiting amusement parks, known worldwide such as Port Aventura  in Barcelona or Warner Bross Park in Madrid, where they for sure will have a wonderful time of enjoyment and fun.

To sum up, Spain is a perfect place to receive international students groups not only because of its natural and cultural resources but also because of its good international connections and wonderful transport infrastructure, differential factors that place Spain as top destination.
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