El Enfarinats festival

15 November 2019
No other country loves food fights as much as Spain does. The most famous one is of course La Tomatina, in the region of Valencia but one of the craziest food fighting spectacles in Spain takes place in the little town Ibi, Alicante on the 28th of December. During the less known, annual festival “Els Enfarinats” participants are fighting against each other with thousands of eggs, flour and firecrackers.

About the Spanish tennis legend Rafael Nadal and his academy.

25 October 2019
He is called “King of the Clay” thanks to his masterstrokes on the clay court and was named the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year in 2011. Rafael Nadal is the most famous tennis player of Spain and one of the game’s leading competitors worldwide.

Who Was Saint Teresa of Ávila?

11 October 2019
When wandering through the streets of Ávila, which is also an UNESCO World Heritage site since 1985, the story of Saint Teresa is present all the time. As a Carmelite nun, Saint Teresa dedicated her life to God. She joined a monastery against the will of her father and became a great visionary and founder of the order. Moreover, the scholar, writer and mystic was the first female Doctor of the church.

Stargazing in Spain

27 September 2019
There are approximately four hundred thousand million stars in our galaxy. That is as impressive as the number of stars that make up the Milky Way: about a hundred thousand million. According to the International Astronomical Union, every night the starry sky presents 88 constellations. Seeing this star formations transport gazers immediately back to the ancient times.

La Liga season 2019/20

22 August 2019
La Liga could not be compared with football leagues from other European countries. According to UEFA, it has been the top league in Europe over the last five years and it is one of the most famous sport leagues worldwide. The new season just started and Across Spain offers new packages to experience this global sport highlight live. 

Sea wild life observation in Tarifa

5 August 2019
Just before the Spanish mainland ends and where the Mediterranean and the Atlantic meet, there is a small town called Tarifa, in the region of Andalusia. Through its unique location, across the Strait of Gibraltar facing Morocco, Tarifa offers a very different climate and character as the rest of Andalusia.

Luxury trains in Spain

26 July 2019
Enjoying Spain by travelling through the country in a luxury train is definitely once in a lifetime experience for all. These luxury trains are connects Spain’s several regions, cities, cuisine and made to configure each luxury tour to meet your specific needs with its pleasant atmosphere and it’s a first-class crew. Travellers can choose from a wide variety of trains across the Iberian Peninsula, such as the famous Al Andalus Luxury Train which takes its travellers on a round-trip journey from Seville, visiting historical cities in Andalusia or exploring the Northern provinces which part is also known as green Spain with the El Transcantábrico Luxury Train.

La Tomatina festival

14 June 2019
As always, this year Spain’s craziest festival, - La Tomatina – will take place on the 28th of August in the Spanish town Buñol, in the community of Valencia. During this fun festival, participants throw ripe tomatoes at each other, turning the whole city and everyone in it red.

Gastronomy in Spain

24 May 2019
The gastronomy of Spain is immensely rich and varied, just like the country itself. With a wide variety of top quality ingredients to choose from, old traditions and recipes combined to create new quality concepts and an incredible level in cooking skills - it is no surprise that Spain is at the top of culinary excellence in Europe.